Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete Waterproofing

Water is essential in the production, placement, and curing of concrete. However, once moisture fulfils the above roles, and the concrete is formed, it becomes a corrosive enemy that weakens the building structure. This makes concrete waterproofing one of the most important steps in construction.

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Why do concrete waterproofing?

Although concrete is water-resistant, it is not waterproof in its original state. It is porous and permeable and tends to crack under pressure. Even then, some of the most important structures in a building, like the foundation and pillars, are made from concrete. Thus, concrete waterproofing is important to keep water out and preserve the overall strength of the home.

Let’ take the foundation, for instance. The vast majority of foundation problems are caused by water penetration. As water penetrates the foundation, it causes cracks and fissures to develop. The soil around the foundation can also swell or become lose. Consequently, the dampness typically causes mould to grow in below-ground interior spaces like the basement, making them unpleasant to stay in.

These are not easy problems to solve. A foundation problem is the worst thing that can happen to a home since it is literally what the house stands on. In a residential building, issues with the foundation can ruin vital equipment and disrupt workflow, leading to wasted time and money.

Similarly, in a residential building, such issues can damage finishes and furnishings, and if left unchecked for long enough, the structure itself goes down. This is without mentioning the expensive costs that accompany foundation repairs in buildings. Thus, keeping water from reaching the foundation and seeping into the concrete is essential to the structure’s durability.

This is typically done through a combination of drainage systems that direct water away from the foundation and waterproof the concrete.

Other structures that require concrete waterproofing include swimming pools, concrete water tanks, and concrete roofs.

Concrete waterproofing methods

Contractors waterproof concrete using a variety of methods. These include sheet membrane systems, liquid-applied membranes, admixtures, and crystalline admixtures. They can be applied on the exterior (positive), interior (negative), or within the concrete itself (integral).

·         Sheet membrane waterproofing: This method uses cold-applied polymer-modified bitumen to form a waterproof membrane around the concrete. The polymer is integrated with asphalt to form a self-adhering sheet that is strong, resilient, and has self-healing properties.

·         Liquid-applied membranes: These membranes contain polymeric asphalt or urethane in a solvent base. They can be applied with a spray, squeegee, brush, or trowel on the positive side of cured concrete.

·         Admixtures: These are chemicals that are added to the concrete on-site or at the batching site. They react chemically within the concrete to make it a waterproof barrier. Admixtures are, thus, integral waterproofing systems. They can be water-repellant, densifiers, or crystalline admixtures.

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Let the right people do your concrete waterproofing

Waterproofing your foundation is important to the longevity of your building. Thus, you need the best waterproofing expert available. Those living in Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Townsville, Brisbane, and Byron Bay can find such an expert in Queensland Interior Linings. Our team of well-trained and experienced workmen is one of the best and most professional in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does concrete waterproofing cost?

The cost of concrete waterproofing varies, depending on the size and scope of your project. To get a more accurate estimate on the cost of waterproofing your house, call us today for a free quote.

When should concrete waterproofing be done?

Concrete waterproofing should be done during or immediately after the foundation has been constructed. 

How long does a concrete waterproofing project take?

Depending on the size and scope of the project, concrete waterproofing takes two or three days to complete.

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